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Welcome to The Falcone Center

Located in Bala Cynwyd and serving Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and the surrounding area, The Falcone Center for Functional and Integrative Medicine uses a functional medicine approach to treating various chronic health conditions and issues that may be preventing a person from achieving optimal health. Our goal is to get at the underlying issue rather than just treating symptoms.

Functional Medicine in Philadelphia, PA

People are becoming increasingly frustrated with the state of our healthcare system and the traditional approach of managing chronic health conditions. Functional Medicine offers a powerful new approach to the assessment, treatment and prevention of health conditions.

The Falcone Center for Functional and Integrative Medicine creates individualized solutions to chronic health issues by incorporating the latest in genetic science, systems biology and knowledge about how nutrition, environmental and lifestyle factors influence the emergence and progression of disease.


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How Does Functional Medicine Differ from Traditional Medicine?

Functional medicine focuses on the underlying causes of illness whereas traditional medicine focuses on treating the symptoms of the disease. In traditional medicine, prescription medication is used as a way to treat the symptoms and the disease. Functional medical doctors look at complex biochemistry, genomics, advanced nutritional testing, toxicity testing, detoxification genomics, and other factors when treating patients.

Doctors using this state-of-the-art medical approach understand that each patient has an individualized DNA structure requiring an individualized treatment plan. Through extensive knowledge, education, and training, they can incorporate genetic science and systems biology with environmental and lifestyle factors to design a unique treatment plan for each patient.

What Is Functional Medicine?

According to the Institute of Functional Medicine, functional medicine is better able to address chronic medical conditions. The functional medicine approach focuses on the patient as a whole rather than treating isolated symptoms. Using the tenets of functional medicine, Dr. Falcone creates a one-on-one relationship with her patients in which they gather information through detailed history assessments and medical tests as well as genetic, environmental, and other lifestyle factors that may affect their current states of health. Essentially, instead of simply treating the symptoms of a chronic condition, Dr. Falcone attempts to determine the underlying causes of chronic conditions so that she can design individualized treatment plans to restore her patients’ wellness.

Functional medicine follows these basic principles:

Biochemical Individuality: This refers to the individual nutritional needs for proper metabolic function and is based on environmental exposures and genetics.
Patient-Centered Medicine: Through patient-centered medicine, Dr. Falcone focuses on the patient rather than the symptoms of the chronic medical condition. By focusing on the patient’s complete history, she can determine which factors may contribute to the condition to help achieve optimal wellness.
Dynamic Balance: A balance between the systems in the body and environmental influences must be maintained for optimal health.
Correlation Between Physical Factors: The systems in our bodies are interconnected so it is imperative to address each one to ensure they are in sync with each other. Most often, the following must be addressed:

  • Hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction and energy imbalances
  • Detoxification and biotransformation of toxins
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Inflammatory triggers
  • Digestion, absorption, and gut dysbiosis
  • Structural imbalances from cell membrane health to musculoskeletal changes
  • An Understanding that Health is Vitality—Not Just Absence of Disease

As many people seek to achieve optimal health through nutrition, the environment, and their lifestyles, functional medicine offers a new perspective on medicine by addressing the root causes of chronic illness. By looking at nutrition, the environment, and lifestyle, along with genetic components, functional medicine doctors are able to focus on how these factors affect illness.

How Do I Begin Functional Medicine Treatment for My Condition?

To begin treatment at the Falcone Center, the first step is to call the office to schedule your initial patient appointment. At that time, we ask that patients fill out the new patient forms and forward them to us prior to the initial appointment. This gives us time to review them and have an understanding of the issues we need to address.